Meet the Management

David Feld, Owner
David worked in finance when he graduated college for about 3 years before he quickly learned corporate America was just not for him. He quit his job at the hedge fund he was working at, without any sort of plan of what he would do next. He ended up taking a job at a small diamond company on 47th Street as an assistant to the owner. David quickly caught on to the world of diamonds and from there started his own business. David is extremely skilled at being able to morph his business model along with the constant change in the industry. David is the brains and heart behind King Diamonds and the company is truly a labor of love for him. Anyone who knows David, also known as “King”, knows they are getting the best of the best. His reputation precedes him as just being the guy you want to work and interact with!

King Diamonds Owner

Jaime Feld, Chief Operating Officer and Head Diamond Cutter
Like David, Jaime started her career working in corporate America in the financial crime risk space at HSBC for ten years before joining David at King Diamonds. Jaime studied the art of diamond cutting and within a few years became a proficient diamond cutter and is now head cutter at King Diamonds. Jaime manages the cutting operations for both the New York and South Florida locations, along with working as a cutter herself. Jaime also manages the back office of King Diamonds, which includes social media, marketing and promotional materials and shipping logistics. Not only are Jaime and David partners at King Diamonds LLC, but they are partners in life. Together they are the diamond duo that you just want to work with.

King Diamonds Chief Operating Officer and Head Diamond Cutter